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(Sawn, Flamed, Bushhammered, Rustic, Polished y Honed)


:: Surface Superficie

Considerably smooth and flat surface

:: Processing Procesado

It is treated when tablets are cut with steel framesaw blades, used for cutting the granite blocks.

:: Characteristics

The stone remains with a light and opaque tone, being proof of its natural origin.



:: Surface procesado

It has a fine-rough aspect, with no alteration from the original colour, and gets a better strength for the chemical atmospheric erosion.

:: Processing procesado

It is a thermic treatment obtained by the application of high temperatures (higher than 2800º celsius) over the stone.

:: Characteristics

Because of its roughness it is anti-slip and also especially indicated for outdoors, as the treatment suffered gives a better strength for the chemical atmospheric erosion.



:: Surface superficie

Rough, with holes in a uniform disposition. The type of relief will be different depending on the treatment applied.

:: Processing procesado

By means of mechanical percussion. It is one of the most traditional finishes for this material. Long ago the percussion was done by hammering manually, but today it is done with highly technologized machinery.

:: Characteristics

Anti-slip and tough, it is recommended for external coating.



:: Surface superficie

Rustic, slightly rough, shaded colour but not reflective.

:: Processing procesado

In fact, there is no process, since the plank comes directly from the block cut and it has hardly been touched

:: Characteristics

Anti-slip and tough, it is recommended for occasions when the intention is showing the raw material.



:: Surface superficie

Real smooth with a minimal porosity. Distinguished by mirror finish, with a darker tone of the stone than in other surface treatments, with no presence of scratch.

:: Processing procesado

By means of abrasion with rotary heads for decreasing devastation, that polishes stone gradually in order to reach the minimum porosity level or closed pore finish.

:: Characteristics

Because of the closed pore, it is the easiest to clean finish, and the least absorbing liquids, so it is more difficult to get stained by external aggressions such as water, oil, acids, etc. It is very tough, but the absence of porosity and texture makes it the least anti-slip finish.



:: Surface superficie

Smooth and matt finish. Stands out the texture and colours more than other opaque finishes and does not leave any kind of mark.

:: Processing procesado

By means of abrasion with rotary heads. It could be considered as a previous step to polishing, since the surface is similar, but with no shine.

:: Características

It gives compactness and strength to the surface and despite of being smooth it is not as slippery as polished.