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Process of exploitation, production, and commercialization of Granite “Gris Quintana”

To begin the process of exploitation, production and commercialization of Granite “Gris Quintana”, we start it in the open pit quarry, being the Cut of Stone where the extraction of blocks is carried out, using advanced techniques, alternating the use of drills and diamond wire saws with the controlled exploitation system.

Once the raw block is extracted and cut to measurement, it is moved to the production warehouses for the disassembling into different thickness slabs, according to the final utilization of the product, by using the diamond wire saw and/or the blocks cutting machines of 3500.

Such slabs, depending on the finish given to the surface, will be flamed, polished, quarry faced, etc. , and subsequently will be cut in the disassembling machine according to the different products asked by the final client, either for Public Works, Building Projects, Craftwork and Funerary Art.

Once the product is finished, it is moved to the palletizing area and then to the storage area in order to be carried by our own lorries right at the construction site.

All the process of exploitation, production, and commercialization of granite, already detailed, is displayed in these pictures simultaneously.